5 Things You Don't Want in Your Toothpaste

5 Things You Don't Want in Your Toothpaste

 Traditional toothpaste includes harmful toxins that you may not be aware of, using a dollop of toothpaste twice a day ( or even more!) might seem a small thing, but it actually adds up when we do it daily, here are some ingredients that you might want to avoid:


1. Fluoride: too much fluoride can cause a condition known as fluorosis that discolors or spots tooth enamel and affects 41 percent of American adolescents, according to the CDC. When you consider that fluoride is added to more than 70% of the country’s water supply, suddenly we are dealing with a potential overdose. Try to opt for fluoride-free brands.


2. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): This ingredient lives a double life as a popular insecticide, so the same ingredient you’re putting in your mouth to promote oral health can kill insects. 


Also used as a detergent, SLS causes microscopic tears in the mouth, which can eventually lead to canker sores and other irritations and inflammation. It also strips the mouth of its natural lining, weakening it.


So, why is it popularly used in toothpaste? Well, it makes toothpaste foam up. Again, totally not worth the risk.


3. Artificial coloring: food dyes in general are potentially linked to allergies, ADHD, and cancer.


4. Artificial sweeteners: Saccharin, has been linked to bladder cancer, brain tumors and lymphoma in rodents. Sorbitol, another artificial sweetener, a liquid that keeps toothpaste from drying out, is a laxative that can cause diarrhea in children. Instead, try stevia or xylitol as natural sweetener alternatives; Stevia has been shown to also prevent tooth decay by increasing saliva, thus decreasing bacteria, in the mouth.


5. Triclosan: is added to personal care products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. Studies link triclosan to a decrease in thyroid hormones and an increase in antibiotic resistance. There's also a 2014 study by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine that found a link between triclosan and liver fibrosis and cancer in mice. Plus, a new study suggests the additive could cause people to develop allergies to certain foods, especially peanuts.


Let me share with you my favorite toothpaste brands:


  1. Tom’s of Maine: It uses a natural flavor of peppermint which made the transition easier for me from traditional toothpaste, I also opt for the fluoride-free one.

  2. Bite: This toothpaste comes in the form of tablets, and with zero plastic waste of toothpaste because it uses a refillable glass jar rather than a plastic toothpaste tube. I like the tablet form when I travel to minimize traveling with liquids.

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