Deep Breathing: A Natural Way to Reduce Stress

Deep Breathing: A Natural Way to Reduce Stress

I recently was at a detox spa retreat, and whenever I go there I keep learning new things, in the upcoming several emails I will share with you what I have learned.


Today, I wanted to shed light on something very easy, and vital, breathing. With our busy lives, we, most of the time, don’t pay attention to our breathing, it could be shallow, or fast (when we are under stress), in order to calm our nervous system down, we need to oxygenate our body and mind by taking deep breaths.


By breathing first thing in the morning you will have a better day and by breathing at night you will have a night of better sleep, here is one way how you do it:

  1. Preferably that you do your breathing outdoors (if weather permits) so you breath fresh rather than circulated air, otherwise you can do your breathing next to an open window.
  2. For 10 to 15 minutes breath through the nose counting for 4- keep the breath in for a count of 8- then breath out for a count of 8 through your teeth (making a shhh sound).


I habit stack my breathing when I walk my dog, you can also do your breathing when you are at a red light or in the middle of a traffic jam (this way you can turn around a negative experience into a positive one!).


Stay Happy & Healthy


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