Dream Big

Dream Big

Now that summer is over and we are back to our busy lives, it is nice that we take a step back to set our goals and intentions before we go into the hamster wheel of life and before we know it, it’s summer all over again.


What is your dream? According to the Handel group, we are actually scared to write our dreams, it is true! When I started to write mine, it took me time and revisions until I actually wrote my dream, think about it, we were never taught to write our dreams, let me ask you, what would your dream life be in 3 years? what would your life be like in a year? Write it down in a format of how would your day be like from waking up until night, with all positive words and specifics (for example, if part of your day includes a workout, you could say every morning at 8 am I go for a run with my husband ) that’s specific, you are specifying the time of the day, how many times a week and what is your activity. Write your dream day how would it be, and use emotional words to describe your activities to help bring your dream alive and make your brain believe it. (Once our brain believes our dream, then we start taking action to do it).

Now that you have your dreams written, you know your goals and what you are after, and from that, you can develop an action plan to meet your goals.


I would encourage you to read your dream once or twice every day (in the morning/night), to help remind yourself of what you want, and plan one thing that day that will take you closer to your goals, put it on your calendar, small baby steps, just 1% a day, and one day you will reach that 100%. This way you will be living with intention, and you will be happier because you are living your dream rather than having life run your life and you live on autopilot.

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