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If life was a dream, how would you live it?

I was listening to an interesting podcast the other day. An entrepreneur mentioned the phrase “ If life was a dream, how would you live it”, it really resonated with me. Because in our dreams, we go for joy, adventure, and fun without the fear factor. And in life, what mostly stops us from taking that extra step is fear. I'm not saying fear is bad, it is not at all, fear actually warns us to keep us stay safe. However, sometimes the fear stops us from moving the needle just a little bit.


Let me share with you my ski experience. Last month I was in Mammoth skiing with my family. I love skiing, it brings me joy, I feel like I am sliding in the mountains. I enjoy that flow.  However, I also have a fear of heights, so on steeper slopes, I sometimes freeze and don’t know what to do. and believe me, the fear factor is huge for me here.

Well last month, I decided to use this phrase, "If life was a dream, how would you live it?" so while I was skiing, I was then talking to myself and saying "If this was a dream, what would I do?",  then I would say "Just ski, slide, and enjoy", and honestly, I managed to go through my tough steep spots (because I tried to minimize my worries). Now how can you use this phrase in your life? I think it is very powerful and changes our perspective. Try it out.

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